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The FAST FISH di Destro Fabrizio offer live fish transportation all over Europe with modern trucks.
We can do Import/Export of a lot of species of live fishes like eels (from glass eels to bigger size) mullet, PL of shrimps etc.
The truck IVECO STRALIS 480 EURO 5 EEV is equipped with 12 isothermal tanks 2400 liters.
Six tanks are on the tractor and six are on the trailer.
A 20 kW generator feeds a blower to 1.5kW, a pump for refill and re-circulation of water and a cooling unit  to cool or heat the fresh or salt water inside the tanks.
A further emergency air-blower is powered by a diesel engine Lombardini.
There are 4 liquid oxygen tanks of 180 liters: Two on the tractor and two on the trailer.
Via Laguna 55
+39 333 8456394
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